Cases in Which You Can Get a Free Car From The Government

cars from government

Having a car for everyday traveling needs is a must, especially in cities which lack a proper public transportation system. However, not everyone can afford to buy a new or used cars to fulfill their needs. But ride sharing apps in certain cities can get really expensive if you travel on a daily basis for work needs.

If you can’t afford to buy a car for yourself, don’t worry, you might be eligible for a free car from the government. This is possible if you meet specific criteria set by the government to get either a car, or some grant to buy a car. Read along to know how to get a free car from your government.

See If You Meet The Criteria

There’s a specific criteria that you need to meet if you want a free car from the government. Below mentioned are some valid reasons which make you eligible for a free vehicle.

  • You are a veteran, now leading a poor life.
  • You can medically needy.
  • You are transitioning from public assistance to work.
  • You are victim of a natural disaster.
  • You belong to the low income worker class.

There might be other criteria specific to the program you’re applying to.

Single Mothers Are Eligible As Well

Being a single mother can be one of the tough things that a woman has to go through. Usually, women are financially supported by their husband, children and other family members. However, single mothers have to take care of their finances themselves.

So, some programs actually allow single moms to apply for a free vehicle. Low income single mothers are also considered as valid applicants.

For Students

Students who below to poor families can’t afford to buy a car for their study purposes. So, if you have good grades, you might be able to get a free car for your studies from the government.