How Long Should You Run on a Treadmill

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Treadmill is among the first choices for those who have just started their fitness journey, it is that sort of a workout machine which is for everyone, those who are in great shape and have been working out for years use it and those who have just hit the gym, hop onto a treadmill to get things started, and there is no great surprise in that because it has simple walking and jogging speed options for beginners while those who now have a better stamina can now try incline and up the speed to challenge themselves, the question is what is the optimum amount of time that you should spend on a treadmill and what is the best time, for an average individual who is looking for a healthy fat loss and overall stamina, it is recommended that they spend at least thirty minutes on a treadmill with different variations.

When there is a recommended minimum which is thirty minutes there is also a maximum, many health experts recommend that you should not run or jog outside or at a treadmill for more than 45 minutes, and to be honest it is challenging to do more than 10 15 minutes especially for obese and overweight individuals, but they key here is to do smart variations, you can start a low pace and warm yourself up then increase the speed and with it the heart rate goes up and you challenge yourself, for those who have built endurance and stamina over time can do longer drills and not feel dizzy.

If you have just bought a treadmill then don’t go crazy on it, easy yourself into routine and gradually increase the time you spend on it, for more information on the topic you can log onto