How to Protect a Floor While Pressure Washing a Home

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The biggest problem that the average lay person tends to face in terms of pressure washing involves trying and potentially failing to control the jets in a way that would make them safe enough to use around your kids. One thing that we can tell you right away is that having your kids around while you are pressure cleaning something is a big mistake since there is a pretty good chance that they would be running around and come into the line of fire.

Hence, you should first remove anything that might get damaged outside of the room that you are about to clean using commercial pressure washing techniques. The thing is, there are some things that might get damaged during power cleaning that you simply can’t remove, such as your floor. The truth of the situation is that your floor can undergo a lot of damage, especially if it is made of wood. This is because of the fact that you would be taking the pressure up to its highest setting while washing the walls of your home, and this pressure is far too high for wooden floorboards to withstand.

What’s more is that the moisture will ruin your flooring if it soaks into it, so it would be ideal if you covered your floor with a tarp from one corner or another. The fact of the matter is that this tarp would be durable enough to take at least some of the force that the pressure jets have, and on top of all of that it would also keep your wooden floor boards extremely dry so much so that you would feel relieved.

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