Look For These Features When Buying a Hoverboard


Hoverboards have come a long way from just being a fictional thing to an actual product sold and used extensively around the world. Hoverboards are actually self balancing devices that have wheels to move around, and batteries to power their motors.

Hoverboards can be bought from a lot of stores and even online thanks to their growing popularity and increasing sales by the day. Hoverboard is a piece of technology that is always being improved, but there are some features that set the quality boards apart from the rest.

So, if you’re looking to invest in a hoverboard, here are some of the features that you must look for in the board.

Select The Right Type

Depending on your personal preferences and how you want your hoverboard to look, you can invest in one of the two available types of boards. One is the board, and other is the AirWheel. Both of these types of hover boards perform the same functions, buy they differ mainly in their appearance, and control.

The board looks like a typical skateboard, but is ridden horizontally. It has one tire on each side (two in total) and a hinge in the center of the board to control it. You’ll just have to step onto the pressure sensitive pads of the board, to activate it. To make it back and forth, you’ll have to lean the respective directions. Similarly, adding pressure to the right and left sides of the board should cause it to turn in the respective directions. Usually, the people how know how to operate a skateboard prefer buying the electric hoverboard since they consider it easier to control.

On the other hand, the AirWheel type of hoverboard has wheel(s) in the middle, and two right and left pads for you to step on.

Considering the fact that you need to move more in order to control the AirWheel, people usually prefer buying the board type hoverboard.

Wheel Size is Very Important

Choosing the right wheel size matters a lot when you’re looking to buy a hoverboard to fulfill a specific purpose. Usually, the boards (with two wheels) have, on average, 7 inch wheels. These wheels aren’t the best when it comes to providing more stability and allowing the rider to maneuver the board easily. That is why the boards with bigger tires are also in the market, and the pros prefer buying them over the small wheelers.

On the other hand the AirWheel hoverboards naturally come with the biggest wheels that a hoverboard can have. Their wheels can go up to 14 inches, and because they have a single wheel in the middle, they are very easy to maneuver and you can use them on harsh terrains quite easily.

Maximum Weight Capacity

Maximum weight capacity of a hoverboard gives us an idea of how much weight a hoverboard can bear on a maximum capacity. Usually, the hoverboards are built to carry around 100 kilos. However, some specialized types of the board and the AirWhell can lift up a lot more than that. But you’ll have to pay a fortune.

If you weight just a little bit over 100 kilos, then a generic hoverboard with 100 kilo limit should still bear your weight easily. But you can invest in higher capacity AirWheel hoverboards if you want the most our of your investment.

Quality is The Most Important Factor

No matter what type of hoverboard you select, it should be built with top quality materials. Sites like buyselfbalancingscooter can actually provide you with more information on the best quality hoverboards available in the market. A quality board will always last longer.