Office Chair Maintenance Tips

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In addition to the home and vehicle maintenance that we’re usually concerned about, we should also pay attention to the furniture maintenance. Office furniture, like the office chair, must be maintained in good shape so that they might keep providing you with a comfortable place to sit and work in.

Here are some of the best office chair maintenance tips from LeapHomeward com that you can follow to properly maintain your chair in the long run.

Keep Cleaning Regularly

Cleaning your chair is a must if you want to get more years of work out of it. You can simply vacuum clean the chair on a weekly or bi-monthly basis to remove all the accumulated dust. When using the vacuum, be careful not to scratch the surface too much with the vacuum attachments. Use low suction setting to keep the chair safe from any lasting marks.

Clean The Casters

The wheels of your chair keep rolling to help you reach every single corner of your office. But over time, these wheels can accumulate find particles, hair and carpet fabric amongst other things. This might obstruct the working you’re your chair’s wheels.

To get rid if these materials, turn the chair over and use vacuum clean to remove them from the casters. You can later lubricate the casters as well to keep the wheels rolling comfortably.

Check The Screws

Most of the chairs come with manufacturer’s manuals. And these manuals usually ask you to check and tighten any loose screws and bolts on a regular basis. You should follow this by checking the screws and bolts on your chair every 6 months or so. Use a tool to tighten them in case they become loose due to regular usage. If the screws won’t tighten correctly, you can even invest in some better ones to help keep your chair together in the long run.