Reasons to Own More Than One Franchise Brand

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People these days are going with more than one franchise brand owning business. That is because it is the new trend and the current demand of the business landscape.

Most of the franchises these days are owned by multi-franchise businesses. The world is shifting towards this unique business model. Here is how you can benefit from owing multiple franchises like Jimmy John’s, Dunkin Donuts and Baskin Robbins. Jimmy John Owner is a bit picky about his franchise owners, but a multi-unit business can make you the best candidate.

Survive in Hard Economic Times

The franchise owning business has had multiple blows between the years 2000 and 2010. There were several reasons for that hard economic time. Things like high interest rates, low disposable income and so on caused much trouble.

But stats show that investors who owned multi-franchise business weathered the storm at hand. On the other hand, people who owned single franchises were hit the hardest.

Easy Decision For The Franchisor

Franchisors are now favoring well established franchisees that already have successful franchises running under their belt. Single franchise owners usually have no experience if handling this type of nosiness. That is why the chances of them failing are far greater. So, the franchisors always make the smart business decision for preferring multi-franchise owners.

On top of all this, these owners might also get discounts in fess from the franchisors.

Relevant Experience

For multi-unit franchise owners, it is very easy to start and manage a new franchise in their already thriving business. This is what they do day and night, so, owning a new franchise is just like another regular day for them.

They Love Consistency

Franchisors love to hand over a new franchise permit to a person who already wakes up every day to manage the franchises that he owns. That is why owning multiple franchises of famous brands like Jimmy John’s is the best decision that you can make.