Tactics Used By Insurance Adjusters in Personal Injury Cases

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Getting hurt in an accident can lead you towards filing a personal injury claim. But that is not it, as some of the sneaky insurance adjusters might make you get lower compensation than you expected and deserve.

Insurance companies are for-profit businesses, and they often use tactics to deny or devalue your claim.

After an accident, if instead of hiring one of the attorneys for personal injury near Miami, you call and request your own insurance company to help you file a claim, they will make a claim and adjust the compensation that matches your own insurance limits.

Keep in mind that insurance companies are for-profit businesses, and they will try to pay you as little as possible. They will also ask for all the supporting evidence that strengthens your claim. Here are some of the tactics used by insurance companies to pay you less.

They Might Speak to Your Doctor

Insurance adjusters often call your physician and ask very specific questions related to your health and severity of the injuries. This might make your injuries look less severe, and this can go in the favor of your insurance company.

They Might Ask For an Independent Medical Examination

Insurance companies also have doctors on board who run a specific series of tests on the insured to assess his state. If you have an attorney, they will make sure that they are present when the tests are being done, or they will try to avoid these tests in the first place. These tests are usually in favor of the party paying for them.

Video Surveillance

This is worst of them all. Once you make a statement in your claim that you are unable to do a certain activity, the insurance company might hire private investigator to follow you with a camera. He will shoot you doing a thing that you have said you can not do. This is also used against you.