The Roles of The Coil in Your Air Conditioning System

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In this article we will be talking about how the two different coils in your air conditioning system work together to push out the cool air we all want. Without these two coils and the system they work in, air conditions would only have the capability to throw out warm air and not to actually cool the room down. So read on as we discuss the functions of an evaporator coil vs condenser coil.

So beginning with the evaporator coil, it has one of the main functions for the actual cooling process. What happens here is that once the hot air is sucked in from each room the air conditioner is working in, the same air is pushed forward towards the evaporator coil, which will have the cooling refrigerant passing through it. The refrigerant absorbs the heat out of the air that is being passed through and cools the general temperature of the air  that is then pushed out forward back into the room. With this process air is being used from the rooms to keep a steady supply. This both reduces the humidity in the air and significantly lowers its temperature. As the same air passes through the air conditioner again, it gets even cooler.

In this time, the condenser coil is doing its own job, which can be thought of as the opposite job that the evaporator coil conducts. Once the refrigerant leaves the evaporator coil, it then moves towards the condenser coil. What this coil does is take the heat that is absorbed by the evaporator coil and then push it out of the air conditioning unit from the outer part. This effectively gets rid of the heat from your room or your house and pushes it outside.