Top 4 Countertop Upgrades Without Any Renovation

Having obsolete countertops can make your kitchen appear out-of-date, but remodeling them with new ones might be a workable option for you because of your current limited budget. Whether your kitchen is sporting faux wood structure or damaged linoleum, it is quite affordable for you to have it upgraded without spending a small fortune. Contrary to the popular belief, you cannot always get away with refinishing your counters, because sometimes, you might be required to make small upgrades within the interior space to give it a rejuvenating look. Kitchen is an integral part of any residential property, and having it properly maintained according to modern standards is highly crucial, because that would not only make it much more bearable for you to perform cooking chores in the kitchen but it would also match with the entire theme of your modern household. If you are tired of seeing your ages-old laminate counter, then it might be a good idea to make some improvements and updates.  There are various cheap methods of giving your kitchen countertop a refreshed look and enhance their overall appearance.

#1 Chalk Paint

Painting your kitchen counter on your own can be a risky business, because you might end up leaving wooden areas drenched in liquid – which can dramatically affect the lifespan of your cabinets. This is the reason you can great results from chalk-painting your counters, because that would leave less possibilities of incurring any permanent damages to your property. Prepping up the space before initiating the painting process is highly essential as that would remove all the sand particles and debris from the countertop – which could potential disrupt your painting phase. Despite the fact that you might not be a doodler, you can still can great results simply scribbling away with your chalk on the counters.

#2 Build Your Own Butcher-Block

You might not be an avid woodworker, but you can get professional results by running a short DIY project to have a butcher-block countertop in your kitchen. This is the best method of transforming your indoor space on a budget, because you perform the entire customization process in your garage without the risks of having any collateral damages. You would first need an average grit sandpaper to clear off any residue and dirt particles that might have accumulated over the upper surface of your kitchen counters. DIY butcher-block counters would allow you to give your space a classic and cozy country vibe, and you can complement it with suitable kitchen furniture to give it an eye-catching appearance.

#3 Painted Countertops

If you want to give your outdated countertop a modern look instantly, then repainting it would help you achieve that without any effort. Dull-colored countertops make your indoor space look old and worn out, and your guests would easily notice this negative aspect of your kitchen. Rather than giving your guests the opportunity of criticizing on your kitchen’s appearance, you can easily impress them by giving your countertops a fresh paint.

#4 Faux Marble

You can easily give your kitchen an impressive makeover by installing faux marble countertops, because that would give the appearance of a genuine marble surface. You no longer would have to worry about having chipped edges of the counter, because it is a highly sturdy material, and it would last for many years to come. Select a hue type that complements the entire theme of the indoor space, so that it can blend well with the surroundings. The heat resistant features would allow you to enjoy your cooking sessions without worrying about the build-up of heat – which can quickly get gathered up after some hours of cooking.