What Do You Spray on Driveway Before Pressure Washing?

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Turning your pressure washer on and going to town on every surface that is close to you is one way of doing things, but it is by far the worst tactic to implement. There is a pretty good chance that you would be far better off if you planned for pressure washing by preparing various surfaces in a manner that would be reasonable based on their structural components and chemical structure and composition. This is because of the fact that most surfaces can’t be thoroughly cleaned by pressure alone, and the truth of the situation is that with concrete preparation becomes even more vital than it is with other materials.

After all, concrete is something that gets very dirty, and any pressure washing service would struggle to render it truly clean unless you spray something on it that would kick start the process. The most advantageous thing to spray on this driveway before you pressure wash it is degreaser. The fact of the matter is that this chemical can quickly deconstruct grease particles that are present on your driveway in a slick layer, and if you scrub it in with a brush you can help loosen this grease up completely.

That enables you to use the pressure washer to make the grease flow away from the surface, and it will clean up the underlying layer of dirt as well for the most part. It is highly recommended that you use a degreaser and leave it soaking for fifteen minutes, and the second most important thing is to use hot water because grease lifts right off if the temperature of the fluid is at a high enough level.