What Does AC Installation Include?

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Installing an air conditioner properly is more difficult and complicated than you might think. That is the main reason why there are thousands of HVAC companies around the globe providing AC installation services in a professional way.

Since air conditioners are so expensive, getting them installed improperly is probably the worst idea. Improperly installed units do not only consume more electricity, but they can also break down quicker than the typical time required for this to happen.

So, let’s take a look at the steps included in proper air conditioning installation Sydney.

  • You might not think of it, but the strength of the wall on which you want your air conditioner installed is also assessed by a professional before the installation process is even started.
  • In order to ensure good airflow around the air conditioner, it requires at least 15 cm of space around it.
  • The AC unit should also be mounted properly around 8 feet from the floor. Moreover, this height can be changed by the professional depending on the height of your ceiling.
  • You might not know about this, but the indoor unit of your air conditioner is always mounted at an angle to help the condensate water flow through the unit easily and go into the drain pipe.
  • The indoor unit also needs to be mounted at a good location depending on the focal point of your room in which it is getting installed. The right location is always determined by the professional, or it can be changed depending on the ductwork and electricity points available in a specific area.
  • Just like the indoor unit, the outdoor unit also requires proper airflow around it, and needs to be placed properly.

These were some of the basic steps included in the installation of an air conditioner.