What is iMessage And How Does It Differ From a Text Message

iMessage is an instant text messaging service by Apple that uses the data to send the messages over the internet. In an iPhone, the iMessage app is pre-installed in the device for the users to use it.

An SMS or short messaging service on the other hand uses cellular network that allows a person to only send text messages and is unable to send locations, documents and pictures and other kinds of data.

The Difference Between iMessage And Text Message

There are various differences that exhibit between iMessage and text messages. While the most common one is that the color of a iMessage is blue whereas that of a text message is green. But there’s more to it and it is mentioned below;

Device Dependency

While an SMS can be sent from any device and phone model regardless of the brand and the manufacturer, same is not the case with iMessage is limited to use for iPhone and iMacs users only. They are not specifically an SMS or MMS and work best for iOS users with a functional internet connection. In case of no internet connectivity, even an iOS user will receive an iMessage as a regular SMS same as that recipient who do not own an Apple device. However, for an andriod, there are still few ways that facilitate the use of iMessage for Windows 10.

Types of Messages

Generally, messages can be divided into an SMS or an MMS both of which require cellular data and the latter can additionally allows a user to send multimedia messages such as images and videos. An iMessage, on the other hand possess a default technology of both SMS and MMS and thereby lets the users share all kinds of messages be it simple text or multimedia include images, videos, locations and documents.

Length of Messages

For a standard SMS, the word limit is usually not more than 160 characters and then the phone automatically divides the message into another text. However for iMessage has no official word limit but in some cases, an error may appear if the number of characters reaches 20,000. The change in scenario is for non-Apple device users to whom when an iMessage is sent, it is limited to 160 characters.