What Size is Louis Vuitton On The Go PM?

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Louis Vuitton PM is a hand bag which is of great interest to everyone who has a sense of fashion and is fond of handbags, the best thing about this bag is that it is perfect in terms of size, design and functionality, the size of the bag is just perfect because it is not huge and baggy which makes it look good and it is not as small as some other options which just don’t fit in all the necessary items that we need to carry, it measures 25cm wide and 19 cm high and it is a smaller version of the original onthego and as the experts say it is best possible size for play.

If you have never purchased a LV on the go and you wondering what size it would actually be then you should relate it with the items that you can put inside, a good sized continental wallet, an iPad mini, a water bottle your cell phone obviously and even a decent sized umbrella can fit into this amazing bag and the best thing about it is that it can hold all these things and still not look as bad as some of the other options when stuffed with all these things.

The designers have been very careful about the outlook because usually one would carry all these things and still want it to look classy, it is very difficult to achieve that but somehow the designers have been able to do that and achieve something which is very difficult and only a couple of top designers have been able to do that, I bought the old onthego and the new one as well but honestly you don’t need to change it because the older one still looks classy.