Why Roof Shingle Aren’t as Bad as You Think

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When it comes to deciding which kind of roofing you would ideally like to be working with, it’s important to think about the two options that are available to you. These two options are of course roofing tiles as well as roofing shingles. Most people tend to think that roofing tiles are the only options worth going for, and the reason that they give this has to do with their opinion that roofing tiles last over twice as long as shingles and that shingles are the cheaper options that is not quite as durable.

All of that being said, you should try your best to realize that while it is definitely true that roofing tiles tend to last much longer than shingles, this doesn’t mean that they are quite as bad as everyone says. The truth of the situation is that roofing shingles only don’t last long because people don’t maintain them. To be fair, roofing tiles require very little maintenance when compared to shingles but shingles are cheaper so there has to be some kind of give and take here. If you maintain your shingles well, though, they can last almost fifty percent longer than they would have otherwise, and this makes them more worth the price than any other option that you might be looking into at this current point in time.

If you still want to go for roofing tiles you are well within your rights to do so, but just realize that shingle roofing is much better of an option than a lot of people give it credit for, and the only reason people don’t like it is because they tend to believe all of the misinformation that is spread about this online.