Why Your Chainsaw Blade is Getting Dull Faster

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A chainsaw is one of the most useful tools you can have when working in a yard. If you have this tool as well, odds are that you love using it often. While chainsaws work great, it is a given that their blade will become dull with regular use. Many people who use their chainsaw in the wrong way experience their blade getting dull way sooner than it should.

In this article, we will take a look at the leading factors to why your chainsaw blade is getting dull faster. Also, if you want to sharpen your chainsaw, you should learn to do it right.

It’s Natural

You should keep in mind that no matter how hard the blade of your chainsaw might be, it will naturally become done with constant usage. Even if you use your chainsaw properly and maintain it regularly, the blade will still become dull sooner or later.

If you use your chainsaw often, you should expect its bleed to become dull even faster. No chainsaw stays sharp forever no matter how often you use it.

Using a Steep Angle

The angle you use on your cutters is one of the leading factors which cause its chain to dull. You should use angles between 25 and 35 when sharpening your chainsaw.

However, if you are going to cut harder objects with your chainsaw, you will need to use a higher angle.

If you are still unclear about what angle you should use on your chainsaw when sharpening it, you should refer to the user manual.

Setting The Depth Gauge Too Far Down

Setting the depth gauge to four down on your chainsaw can also cause it to become dull faster. So, set the height of your depth gauge in a right manner if you want to use your chainsaw for a long time.